Chain Trenchers

The Hydramaxx Chain trencher combines the versatility of the chain digging unit with the mobility of rubber tires for efficient Ag Drainage or Wind Farm cable installation.

Wheel Trenchers

The Hydramaxx Wheel Trenchers Maximize Productivity when installing main drains and making short lateral drainage runs.


The Hydramaxx Plows are available with Double Link, Cantilever, or V Plow attachments for Maximum Output and Minimal Soil Disturbance.


GPS Systems by Trimble offer Optimal Grade and Direction Control with Minimal Set-Up Time. Machine Telematics are available for Detailed Monitoring of Machine Performance.



Agricultural Drainage

Our Ag Drainage line includes rubber tired and track mounted wheel trenchers, rubber tired chain trenchers and track mounted plows. Plows are available with double link, cantilever, or V plow linkages. All machines come standard with walk through cabins, Plus One controls, heating and air conditioning. Our experienced staff will design and build machines to meet your specific needs.

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Sports Field & Golf Course Drainage

Sports Field & Golf Course Drainage Info

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Wind and Solar Energy

The Hydramaxx Chain Trenchers are the preferred machines for installing the Electrical Cabling on Wind and Solar farms. The rubber tires and our custom cable installation boxes give our trenchers the unique ability to lay the cable to the engineering specification, and move rapidly between end and start points. Port Industries has numerous cable boxes and cable guide systems to prevent damage to the electrical cables, and improve the productivity of the installation crew. We have cable boxes and cable guides for plows and wheel trenchers as well.

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Our Company

Port Industries, Inc. is your source for Wheel Trenchers, Chain Trenchers, Plows, Sports Field Trenchers, parts, and service. We have been providing quality custom solutions to drainage contractors and renewable energy contractors for over 50 years. We have 75,000 square feet of manufacturing, service, and office space used for designing, manufacturing, and servicing our customers. Port Industries, Inc. is proud to have an innovative and dedicated team that delivers productive and reliable trencher and plow equipment, parts, and service. Our experience helps us provide the right equipment for the job, and we know that our success begins with you.

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