2004 Hydramaxx 2600 SN 226

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Learn about the 2004 Hydramaxx 2600 SN 226

Port Industries' used drainage equipment will vary from time to time depending on what we have available. When any machine comes in and is added to our used equipment list, the chain, trencher and plow machines are ran through a series of check off list. This list includes but is not limited to oil and filter changed, conveyor and wear parts inspected, digging wheel alignment (if needed), tire tread and pressure checked and much, much more. All machines are inspected by our sales team and again by our service team after the machine arrives at the shop.

2600 HYDRAMAXX Trencher General Information

Height 10'6"

Weight 39,000 lbs

Width 10'

Ground Clearance 26"


  • Cummins 350 hp
  • 30.5" xx 32 Spade Grip Tires
  • 7'3" Digging Depth
  • 22" Digging Width
  • Standard 12-14" Boot
  • Hydraulic Bedder
  • 2 Speed Shift on the Go
  • Heat Only
  • Cab

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