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Trimble GPS

Trimble WM-Drain Farm Drainage Solution

Firmware Upgrade
v9.25 FmX Integrated Display Firmware

The Trimble WM-Drain Farm Drainage Solution system has revolutionized the drainage industry.  The sub-inch accuracy of the system provides the complete solution for survey, design, and installation of both surface and sub-surface drainage systems from the seat of your cab.  The Autoslope function can perform a survey/install workflow for each line, or survey all the lines and install later.  The Point to Slope function allows the operator to install tile and ditches at a constant slope with the ability to break grade on the fly.


The FmX integrated display is a Large 12.1” color touch screen that can be used for all your precision agriculture applications, including guidance, mapping, and flow and application control. It has an integrated radio for RTK connections and dual built-in GPS and GLONASS receivers for dependable accurate signals.

Why Buy FieldLevel II?

SAVE TIME – spend less time surveying and more time digging.  Customers report 20% or more increase in production.

  • FEWER SET–UP ISSUES – No more ladders to climb.  Laser transmitters can be set up incorrectly and they can be knocked out of calibration.
  • DEPENDABLE ACCURACY – Wind, rain, fog, and snow do not effect FieldLevel II.
  • LARGE JOB SITES – Distances over a few hundred feet do not cause a loss of accuracy.  Irregular shapes and large changes in elevation are no problem.
  • BETTER DESIGN – FieldLevel II can optimize tile installation depths and slopes to maximize drainage system performance.