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About Us

The Early Years

Port Industries, Inc. designs, manufactures, distributes, and services a wide variety of wheel and chain trenchers, self-contained plows and accessory equipment including Lasers for the Agricultural and Sportsturf Drainage and Pipe Laying Industries.  The original Quonset buildings pictured above were built in the 1950’s for government grain storage.  Port Industries founder, Nathan Shimp purchased them in 1964.  Half of the building was used to manufacture trenchers, the other half was a nightclub called TO 1/2.  Which stood for “The Other Half of the business”

1980's - 90's

Up until the 1980’s Port would make trenchers when there were orders.  If there were not any orders for machines, Port would make a trencher, and use it themselves, to tile with until another order came through.  Eventually, Port started getting so many machine orders, they had to decide if they wanted to build machines or do the contract work themselves.  Gerry Korb (middle) bought into the business in 1999.


Port moves into new 60,000 square foot building in 2001.  Allowing for much needed space to begin manufacturing their own self contained plows.  The first plow was built in 2005.


Port Industries continues to grow, adding a new office building in 2012.

As well as expanding our machines to service new pipeline and renewable energy customers.