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Port Industries, Inc. of Palmyra, Missouri has introduced another new trencher model for 2015. The first Hydramaxx 2715 bucket wheel trencher was delivered in September. It joins the 2700 and 2710 model Hydramaxx trenchers in the 400 horsepower bucket wheel trencher class. The 2715 separates itself from the 2700/2710 models by coming equipped with a more robust digging assembly and drive line components.
The 2715 wheel trencher digging assembly is able to dig up to 48” wide and over 7’ deep. It comes standard with ¾” thick, one piece buckets, and a variety of cutting edge options. The width of the trench can be changed by adding wider cutting teeth, or changing to custom buckets to achieve any cut desired between 24” and 48”. Bucket profiles can be designed to cut from a flat bottom trench to any desired radius for a round bottom trench. Larger drive sprockets and segments provide for longer service intervals and decreased maintenance costs.
The 2715 Hydramaxx has an improved drive line with larger tires on a rear axle that is 43% stronger than previous models. The 35.5” wide tires have a larger diameter in addition to a 5” wider footprint. This increases flotation while the aggressive Spade Grip (R2) tread design provides the tractive effort to pull through the worst conditions.